Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative cells promote healing
and regrowth of tissue in a potent
but natural way

InGeneron enables rapid isolation
of high-quality regenerative cells,
including stem cells

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InGeneron’s high-quality
regenerative cells aid physicians
in healing wounds and regrowing new,
functional tissue

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Veterinarians use regenerative cells
to aid in the treatment of a range
of diseases and injuries

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Why regenerative medicine?

Autologous Cells

  • The patient's own fat tissue contains regenerative and stem cells
  • The tissue and cells are easily accessed through lipoaspiration
  • Patient-derived cells means no transplant immunity problems

Regenerative cells exist in adult tissue for the purpose of healing and regrowing injured tissue

  • Natural healing factors are released from cells into injured tissue
  • Stem cells may regrow tissue such as bone, tendon, ligament or cartilage
  • Regenerative cells are a natural alternative to synthetic biomaterials and dermal fillers
Regenerative cells, including stem cells have been shown to enhance healing of injured tissue and to regrow new tissue.